Article: Bias in Online Networks

bstract: We consider the sampling bias introduced in the study of online networks when collecting data through publicly available APIs (application programming interfaces). We assess differences between three samples of Twitter activity; the empirical context is given by political protests taking place in May 2012. We track online communication around these protests for the period of one month, and reconstruct …

Book Review: Big Data

A review of the book Big Data: a Revolution that will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, by Victor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier is out in Information Polity.

Book: Society and the Internet

The book Society and the Internet: How Networks of Information and Communication are Changing our Lives, edited by Mark Graham and Bill Dutton, is now out. It includes the chapter "Online Social Networks and Bottom-up Politics", by Sandra González-Bailón.

Book: Analytical Sociology

The book Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks is out. It includes the chapter “Online Networks and the Diffusion of Protest” by Sandra Gonzalez-Bailón, Javier Borge-Holthoefer, and Yamir Moreno

New Article: Big Data and Human Geography

  González-Bailón, S. (2013). "Big Data and the Fabric of Human Geography”, Dialogues in Human Geography, vol. 3 no. 3 292-296 Abstract: Digital data tracking what we do, the time and place of our actions, and the chains of interdependence that link those actions together, help us draw a richer picture of human geography as it unfolds in its multiple ...

New Article: Social Science in the Era of Big Data

  González-Bailón, S. (2013). “Social Science in the Era of Big Data”,  Policy & Internet, 5(2): 147-160 Abstract: Digital technologies keep track of everything we do and say while we are online, and we spend online an increasing portion of our time. Databases hidden behind web services and applications are constantly fed with information of our movements and communication patterns, ...