Talk: University of Michigan

Sandra González-Bailón gave a talk at the University of Michigan School of Information, at the Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies seminar series

Talks: APSA 2014

he 2014 APSA annual meeting just took place in Washington, DC under the theme Politics after the Digital Revolution. Sandra González-Bailón participated in the round table “Social Media and Collective Action”, and presented a paper in the panel “Big Data and Political Science”.

Workshop: Renmin University (Beijing)

nternational faculty and students met for one week at the School of Journalism and Communication of Renmin University to discuss modeling approaches to Big Data. The Annenberg team included professor Sandra González-Bailón and PhD students Jiaying Liu, Jingwen Zhang, Sijia Yang, and Bo Mai. Other invited international faculty included Javier Borge-Holthoefer, from the Qatar Computing Research Institute; Georgios Paltoglou, from Wolverhampton …

Workshop: Big Data and Policy-Making

he second invitation-only workshop “Responsible Research Agendas for Public Policy in the Era of Big Data”, organized by the Oxford Internet Institute in conjunction with the journal Policy & Internet was held today at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington, DC.

Talk: PolNet in Montreal

he VII Political Networks Conference took place at McGill University. Sandra González-Bailón presented the paper “The Emergence of Roles in Large-Scale Networks of Communication” (joint work with Javier Borge-Holthoefer and Ning Wang).

Talks: ICA in Seattle

e presented two papers at ICA: “Reassessing Media Fragmentation and Cable News Bias through the lens of Big Data” (joint work with Carlos Castillo et al) and “The Bridges and Brokers of Global Campaigns in the context of Social Media” (joint work with Ning Wang). We also co-organized the panel “Emerging Research Agendas at the Intersection of Communication and Computational …

Talk: Paper Presentation at Sunbelt

Sandra presented a paper at the XXXIV Social Networks Conference organized by INSNA. The working paper is joint work with Pablo Barberá and it is titled "The Self-Organization of Mass Political Protests in the Absence of Media Freedom"

Talk at Northwestern

 Sandra gave a talk at the Media, Technology and Society seminar series of the School of Communication, Northwestern University.

Talk: IN3 at UOC (Barcelona)

Sandra gave a talk at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, a research center at the Open University of Catalonia. The talk was titled "The Self-Organization of Political Protests and Communication Networks", and it was organized by the EGovernance: Electronic Administration and Democracy (GADE) group.