Q&A: Exposure to News

Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon and Tian Yang talked about their PNAS article with Penn Today.

Article: Exposure to News

The article "Exposure to News Grows Less Fragmented with an Increase in Mobile Access" was published today in PNAS.

Video: Media Diets and the 2020 Election

he video of the panel “Beyond Facebook and Twitter: Diverse Media Diets and the 2020 Election“, organized by the NYU Center for Social Media and Politics, in which Sandra González-Bailón participated, can be accessed here (access code: P?Ys315g).

Talks: ICA’19 in Washington, DC

Tian Yang and Alvin Zhou gave talks today at the 2019 ICA conference, held in Washington, DC. Alvin Zhou talking about measuring media bias. Tian talking about filtering audience networks.