Talk: Multilayer Networks

multilayer networks
Mason Porter will be visiting the DiMeNet group next week. He will give a talk on multilayer networks on Monday 15 Dec at 10:00am in room 224. Abstract and bio follow.

Introduction to Multilayer Networks: In most natural, social, and engineered systems, a set of entities interact with each other in complicated patterns that can encompass multiple types of relationships, change in time, and include other types of complications. Such systems include multiple subsystems and layers of connectivity, and it is important to take such ʽmultilayerʼ features into account to try to improve our understanding of complex systems. Consequently, it is necessary to generalize ʽtraditionalʼ network theory by developing (and validating) a framework and associated tools to study multilayer systems in a comprehensive fashion. The origins of such efforts date back several decades and arose in multiple disciplines, and now the study of multilayer networks has become one of the most important directions in network science. In this talk, I’ll give an introduction to multilayer networks and go through highlights of my recent review article.

Useful links:

1) Multilayer Networks Review
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3) muxviz: Multilayer Analysis and Visualization Platform
4) muxviz Youtube Tutorial

Bio: Mason Porter is Professor of Nonlinear and Complex Systems in the Mathematical Institute at University of Oxford. He earned a BS in applied mathematics from Caltech in 1998 and a PhD from Cornell University’s Center for Applied Mathematics in 2002. He then did postdocs at Georgia Tech (math), MSRI, and Caltech (condensed-matter physics) before joining the faculty of University of Oxford in fall 2007. Mason’s research interests span far and wide in networks, nonlinear dynamics, and complex systems. He won the Erdos-Renyi prize in Network Science in 2014 and is on the editorial board of six journals.